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1 week ago
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This as The Winter Soldier, Hydra, and AIM written ALL over it.

The robotic leg, ice chamber things, and you just know the Clairvoyant is MODOK.

2 months ago
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I mean every time there is an epic battle these guys get messed up.

3 months ago
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I’m torn whether or not that I’m upset about the break up of Korra and Mako or happy because I’m a Korra and Tahno fan (I CAN STILL HOPE!)

4 months ago
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So has steven and the gems known each other for awhile or did they meet recently?

And when did steven discover his gem? Was it always there?

How exactly did his mom die? Did she have to die for steven to be born?

So many questions!!
Why only once a week?!?

5 months ago
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The highlight of my year honestly

4 weeks ago
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I wonder if she would’ve known that a stranger is crying for her.

3 months ago
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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty reminds me of The Alchemist, in a really good way.


How he goes out to find “treasure,” but he had it the whole time.

How the real treasure was the journey itself.

3 months ago
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Seriously, where is Namor!?

5 months ago
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I got Falskaar working and bought the new Pokemon X!

Now excuse me…

6 months ago
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